Profit Sharing Plan

An agreement between a company and his worker or clients where they share his profit with a fix percentage, its called Profit Sharing. The settlement can be shares, ties, or money, and can be immediate or postponed until pension. Profit sharing allows for changing contributions each season. This is a great way to earn more and more.

(Other way we can say Profit Sharing Plan Is A Financial Arrangement Between our organization and Trader Which You Have To Agree To Share a fix profit to each other.)

Bullionjackpotcall also offer profit sharing plan. We deal with our client who want to work safety and earn huge profit in commodity market.

In this plan client and company have to follow some common rules.Likes...

  1. To start work with us , client have to pay Rs.15,000/- as a working fee.
  2. Client should have to share 30% profit, to company.
  3. Every Saturday client have to clear profit with us.
  4. Client have to trade in Minimum 4 lot.
  5. Every Calls will be given through SMS after that will be confirmed by phone calls.
  6. Only confirm ( sure shot ) calls will given.
  7. 95% and above accuracy will maintained.
  8. All call will be Intraday purpose.


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  2. BUY SILVER DEC AT 35500 TGT 35300 TGT 36000.MCX

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